Lyfe is easy!

Book Appointments with Australia's Top Health & Wellness Providers

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Lyfe is easy!

Book Appointments with Australia’s Top Health & Wellness Providers

Book an appointment View Featured Providers

Client Features

Always free

Book an appointment 24/7

Find the best providers near you

All your favorite providers can be booked and paid for using Lyfe

Manage and view upcoming appointments in your Lyfe calendar

Works for Medicare and non-Medicare services

Lyfe Secure Payments backed by NAB (National Australia Bank)

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Provider Features

Reduce administrative tasks and costs

Reduce reception costs

Remind clients of their appointments to reduce no shows

Eliminate the EFTPOS terminal and fees

Portable Payment Processing using a mobile device

Medicare claims processing from a mobile device

Auto-generated Invoice emailed to clients

No Subscription Fee

Small 3% transaction fee covers all features and services

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Secure Lyfe payments

Leave your wallet at home because now you can pay for your appointments at the touch of a button. Lyfe is a NAB Health and Medicare integration partner which means we offer the highest level of data and payment security.

Change the way you look after your health & well-being.

No Subscription Fees

24/7 Online or
Manual Bookings

Auto-SMS Appointment Reminders

Cardless, Cashless One-Click Payments




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